My Neighbor Alice & ELLE Join Forces for an Unprecedented Gaming Experience!

• My Neighbor Alice (MNA) has teamed up with ELLE to create an immersive gaming experience that combines fashion, lifestyle, and gaming.
• ELLE will be incorporated into the game as a neighbor with exclusive quests and NFTs available for purchase.
• Players can access the ELLE Café within each region to find quests and acquire exclusive items.

My Neighbor Alice & ELLE Collaboration

My Neighbor Alice (MNA) recently announced its collaboration with iconic brand ELLE to provide players with a uniquely immersive gaming experience that showcases the best of both worlds. This partnership seeks to merge the distinct values of MNA and ELLE, providing gamers with a high-quality experience that seamlessly combines fashion, lifestyle, and gaming.

Where Can You Find ELLE?

ELLE will be featured as a neighbor in all active regions: Rusty Pikes and Tourney Wolds in Medieval Plains, Pioneer Point, Shaded Headland, and Gloomy Gulch in Nature’s Rest. Each region will have its own unique Town Hub where players can find the conveniently placed ELLE plot.

What Can You Do There?

Players can explore their respective region’s ELLE plot to discover exclusive quests designed to reward them with unique items customized with an Alice twist. In addition to these quests, gamers can also visit the building within each plot called the “ELLE Café” for more information about special offers or rewards associated with this collaboration.

What Kind of Items Are Available?

As part of this collaboration two limited edition collections are being introduced; Mots d’Amour and Wonder Collection inspired by real-life collections from ELLE itself. The former is available on OpenSea marketplace while the latter must be crafted in-game using resources collected throughout My Neighbor Alice’s world. Both sets consist of three distinct collections: Rare (23 clothing items), Epic (4 clothing items), and Legendary (full-suit NFTs). Players who purchase NFT boxes from either collection may also receive free exclusive NFTs through an airdrop system!


This groundbreaking partnership between My Neighbor Alice and ELTE aims to provide players with an unforgettable gaming experience that allows them to explore their favorite world while engaging stylish offerings from one of today’s most popular brands!